A1 eSports Valorant Cup – Tournament Information

We are very happy, that many European Teams signing up for the A1 eSports Valorant Cup. As we are aware our ruleset is in german only, we decided to translate parts of the official ruleset, to inform the teams about the most important regulations for the upcoming qualifiers. First of all we’ll take a look at the most important rule for the competition.

A1 eSports VALORANT Cup – Team Eligibility / Austrian eSports Organization RULE

To be eligible to compete in the A1 eSports Valorant Cup, teams must have a valid contract with and play for an Austrian eSports organization. Although it is allowed to attend the Qualifiers without representing an Austrian eSports organization, teams are obliged to have a valid contract with an Austrian eSports organization as soon as they qualify for the group stage. Otherwise they will be disqualified and a team from the waiting list will take the spot.

Teams which qualified without already having a valid and active contract with an Austrian eSports organization will receive a grace period until 12th October 2020 11:59 p.m., where they have to hand in the following data:

  • Name and Logo of the Austrian eSports Organization, they are representing
  • Proof of a valid and active contract or agreement, between the team and said Austrian eSports organization.
  • Contact Data of the new manager, who has to be a member of said Austrian eSports organization.

Please be aware: Every eSports organization may only have one Team competing in the A1 eSports Valorant Cup – it is not possible to also send an academy team into the group stage. If you are interested in participating in the A1 eSports VALORANT Cup and are not part of an Austrian eSports organization, we recommend to already start some basic negotiations with the Austrian eSports organization you’d like to cooperate with.

Tournament structure

There will be 2 open qualifier tournaments starting in October. Teams will compete in a Best-of-one (BO1),double elimination bracket. The top 4 teams of each tournament will move on to the next phase: the group stage.

Qualifier dates:

10th October 2020 14:00 CEST
11th October 2020 14:00 CEST

In the group stage teams will be split into 2 groups and play a Best-of-Two (BO2) against every other team in their group. The best two Teams advance to the playoffs.

Group Stage dates:

13th October 2020 19:00 CEST
15th October 2020 19:00 CEST
20th October 2020 19:00 CEST

Playoffs: 22nd October 19:00 CEST

Finals: 24th October 19:00 CEST

Important rules

Player Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in the A1 eSports Valorant Cup, players must be 16 years of age or older and not fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Players who are banned by Riot Games
  • Players who are banned because of the law or the rules of Administration
  • Administrators and people who are part of the A1 eSports team are not eligible to participate


Each team must have an active roster of at least 5 players and may nominate 2 substitutes. All of them must be registered by the team manager during the sign up.
Players, who actively participated in the A1 eSports Valorant Cup for another team, are locked and may not change teams during the season.

Prize Money

For Valorant there will be a total of 3.000 € prize pool. The money will be split like this:

1st Place: 1.200 €
2nd Place: 600 €
3rd Place: 400 €
4th Place: 300 €
5th-6th Place: 150 €
7th- 8th Place: 100 €

A1 eSports will pay the prize money directly to the organizations. For payment the organizations have to send and invoice. The prize money will be transferred within 60 days after receipt of invoice.