Ruleset - rFactor2

Table of Content

1. General

These are the official rules of the A1 eSports League Austria for the game rFactor 2. The ruleset applies to all registered participants in the qualifiers, league phase and finals.

Administration reserves the right to amend, remove, or make changes to these rules for any reason at any time. Any material changes to this document will be communicated tot he competitors via the appropriate channels. Participants are always expected to understand and operate on the latest version of these rules.

1.1. Players & Accounts

Each player participating in the A1 eSports League Austria has to register with his full name in the competition system. Each player has to make sure to have a valid and active rFactor 2 account.

Additional free accounts (f.e. external tournament systems), which are needed for participation have to be created by the player.

1.2. Player Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in the A1 eSports League, players must be 16 years of age or older and not fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Players who are banned by Studio 397
  • Players who are banned because of the law or the rules of Administration
  • Administrators, Race Stewards and people who are part of the A1 eSports team are not eligible to participate

1.3. Player & Organisations

Players are only allowed to participate in the A1 eSports League Austria in rFactor 2 on their own. They can compete for a professional eSports organisation or registered association but have to be the main contact for administration. Following tasks and responsibilities have to be fulfilled by the participants:

  • Participation in all mandatory A1 eSports League Austria races
  • Communication with Administration and other players
  • Communication and Conformation of decisions within the A1 eSports League Austria Season

If Administration requests additional data (f.e. player portraits, Team-Logos, etc.) players have to send the data within 7 days.

1.4. Team & Player Aliases

Team and Player Aliases are subject to approval by Administration. Administration reserves the right to deny the use of a Player Alias and require a change for any reason. In case of severe violations Administration reserves the right to disqualify the player.

Player Aliases must adhere to the following rules. Using alternative spelling to avoid compliance with the following rules is strictly prohibited.

  • Player Aliases may not include a sponsor name of brands operating in following sectors: tobacco, alcohol, gambling or pornographic content
  • Player Aliases may not contain vulgarities or obscenities in any way
  • Player Aliases may not contain insults.
  • Player Aliases must be possible to pronounce and should not include a chain of characters

2. Tournament structure

The A1 eSports League Austria is separated into three stages to determine the best racers in the competition:

  • Qualifiers
  • Shootout
  • Grand Final

2.1. Qualifiers

There will be six open qualifiers. The last qualifier #6 will be for Austrian racers only. Each qualifier is structured into 2 stages – Hotlap and Showdown. Racers in the Hotlap will be given a time limit of 5 days (Sunday-Thursday) to get the best time possible on the qualifier track. The best 30 racers will qualify for this weeks Showdown. The Showdown is a 30-minute race on the qualifier track (the weather & track conditions will stay the same as in the Hotlap).

The best 6 racers qualify for the next stage the Shootout! There will be an exception for the Austrian Qualifier as the best 2 racers directly qualify for the finals!

2.2. Shootout

The best 30 racers who have qualified in the five showdowns will drive one race on a new track. Only the racers on position 1-6 will qualify for the offline-finals in Vienna.

2.3. Finale

The Finals will take place offline in Vienna. The Top 6 players from the previous stages + the Top 2 players from the Austrian Showdown qualify for the finals. The exact date and location will we announced during the qualifiers. Participation is mandatory. If it is not possible for a racer to participate, he will be disqualified and the next racer will take over his spot in the finals. Administration will provide Racing Rigs for the final races.

Each driver participating must have his own custom livery. This skin must include mandatory elements, which are sent to the finalists by Administration. Does the racer have no skin he has to drive the finals with the A1 eSports League Austria custom Mercedes AMG GT3.

3. Race Settings

Drivers have to use the latest version of Studio 397 rFactor 2. Drivers must have a stable internet connection of 2Mbit/s Up- and Download. Administration is not responsible for drivers who are not able to sustain a connection to the server. Drivers must maintain a maximum ping of 150 (as viewed on the race server). Drivers that are above 150 will be asked to leave the server. WIFI and GSM/3G/4G connections is prohibited as it’s known to cause extremely high ping and lag – don’t use it.

Patches and Plug-ins are allowed as long as they do not affect the functions of the simulation, create an unfair advantage, or affect other drivers. Administration will decide if a Plug-In creates an unfair advantage.

3.1. Race

Communication: It is mandatory for drivers to use the A1 eSports League Austria Discord server during races. Administration will use it to announce important info for all participants. Administration will use the in game chat option, which is why this may never be disabled.

Formation lap: Races will start with a formation lap. The goal of the formation lap is to get everyone settled down prior to the race and also to ensure everyone’s FPS is at a safe level. If a driver notices any FPS issues on the formation lap it is recommended, they would pull off safely to the side of the track and drop to the end of the line. Drivers are responsible for their actions during the formation lap, and are subject to increased penalties for damaging other drivers.

  • Drivers shall maintain a safe but reasonable distance to other drivers (1 car length)
  • Drivers are expected to maintain a smooth pace under pitlimiter ie: 80 kmh around the track. Unless told otherwise by race stewards.
  • Drivers shall maintain a max. distance from 3 car lengths to driver in front of them
  • No Burnouts
  • No Breackchecks

Drivers who spin, or otherwise drop out of place in line, during the formation lap must not attempt to pass other cars in order to regain their place. In this circumstance a driver should safely blend into formation lap traffic or wait for the field to go past before rejoining track, then carefully make their way through the grid to their assigned starting spot.

Race Start: The start of the race is the most likely place and time for incidents to occur and our races are long. Races are not won on the first lap. There is a higher probability of ruining other drivers race by taking unnecessary risks on the first lap, so don’t do it! Race starts are subject to extra scrutiny and penalties are increased.
Orange Zone: For each race an Orange Zone will be defined by Administration. Typically the Orange Zone begins with the formation lap and extends through the first timing sector of lap 1 but may be shortened or extended depending on the track. If a driver causes an incident in the Orange Zone penalties are doubled and the car will have to start from pitlane next race. Passing is permitted in the Orange Zone, but the cars will all be at their closest to one another at this point so extreme caution must be taken. On certain tracks with potential problems, stewards can add a full race OZ. As soon as the race director announces CODE-80 in 10 seconds the full track is under Orange Zone.
Restarts: Restarts will only be granted upon significant server malfunction affecting a minimum of 20% of the starting grid.

3.2. On Track Behavior

Passing: Generally speaking, the passing car is ultimately responsible for making a safe pass at a safe time. However, it is both drivers responsibility to ensure a safe pass is made. Failure to do so may result in a penalty. Generally speaking, the preferred times (in order of preference) for a faster car to pass is on the straights, exiting a corner, or entering the brake zone. Faster cars are not automatically allowed to pass. The driver being passed is allowed to alter the race line in reaction to another driver attempting to pass twice, further altering is defined as blocking.
Spinning on track: If a driver spins while on track, they should immediately lock their brakes until completely stopped, (even if still on the track), and hold brakes on until they can assess the situation.
Rejoining the race. Drivers off track due to an incident or off and cars spun on the track itself must resume the race in a safe manner. This may mean driving forwards and/or reversing to a safe area to get turned in the direction of travel, then merging safely into the flow of traffic. When possible, please do not rejoin near a corner entry, apex or exit. Turn lights off once back up to speed.

Headlight usage: Drivers are allowed headlight usage – but it must be appropriate. Also note – it is not required, and should not be overused.

It is not acceptable behavior for a driver to crash into other cars or track side objects once they have finished their race. Donuts, burnouts, etc. may be done only once a driver has completed a cool down lap and driven back around to the start/finish straight. Any driver found in violation and causing an incident with another driver who is still completing their last lap may be subject to penalization, up to and including suspension.
Players who do not follow these rules will be subject to penalties or disqualification.

3.3. Flags

Blue Flag: Drivers that are being lapped must help the passing driver make a complete and safe pass within 4 corners maximum. At certain tracks, a series of corners in short succession may be designated as one corner for the purposes of observing the blue flag; this will be at the Stewards’ discretion.

Yellow Flag: Drivers are not allowed to create yellow flags zones by staying stationary on track, or by creating a dangerous environment for other drivers. Drivers are to be careful under local yellow flag. Be prepared for slow, damaged or not moving car(s) on track. Do not overtake in yellow flag zones.

Red Flag: Red Flags will only be thrown in the case of significant server failure and with no chance of the server recovering. The restart grid will be based on the current running order at the time. If the server crashes and the ½ distance point has been reached ½ points will be awarded based on the positions at the end of the last completed lap.

3.4. Pitlane

Drivers must exit and enter the pits at a safe speed and must follow the blend lines and may not go over the blend line to exit the pits earlier. Drivers on track are not allowed to use the pit blend lane as part of the official racing surface.

3.5. Curbs

Drivers must keep within the curbs at all time during the race. 2 tires have to be on the track all the time. A tire is on the track as long as part of the tire touches the track. Astroturf, turf brick stones, speed bumps and increased curbs which are added in second row don’t count as track. The track may only be left to avoid an incident. Cutting is not permitted, if the driver gets an advantage trough cutting the track there will be a penalty. If the driver gives back the achieved advantage (Time or position) Administration may cancel the penalty. In addition to these rules, administration may apply additional rules for the track during the driver briefing.

3.5. Penalty

The following penalty list is used to show the drivers how Administration handles penalties. Depending on the situation penalties and reasons may differ.
You can get a penalty either during the race from the Live Stewards or after the race in the incident review.
Typical incidents will divide into 5 classes:
Racing incident – typical racing incident, no penalty involved.
Warning – a driver needs to be warned of an action that caused problems, but it does not warrant a penalty.
Slight Incident – drivers violated a rule and caused an issue on track, but not enough for a full penalty. (2 infractions=1 penalty)
Heavy Incident – driver violated a rule and/or caused an issue on track resulting in significant lost time/lost position for another competitor. Penalty is: Drive through
Critical Incident – driver violated a rule and/or caused an issue on track resulting in significant damage. Penalty is: Stop/go – 60 seconds.

If a driver gets multiple penalties he may be disqualified.

Examples for Incidents:

Aggressive Driving – assessed when a driver displays overly aggressive driving.
Avoidable Contact – assessed when a driver makes contact with another driver in a manner which is deemed avoidable.
Blocking – assessed when drivers alter their racing line in reaction to another driver in an attempt to prevent a pass or to reduce the effect of drafting.
Chatting – assessed when a driver ‘chats’ during a “No Chat” session.
Failure to Lock Brakes – assessed when a driver is involved in an incident and failed to lock their brakes completely, moving unpredictably on track or after they stopped.
Ignoring Blue Flag – assessed when a lapped driver does not give way within 4 corners to a driver that is lapping him.
Ignoring Yellow Flag – assessed when a driver does not slow appropriately for a Yellow Flag zone.
Passing Under Yellow – assessed when a driver completes a pass when the yellow flag is displayed.
Pit Lane Violation – assessed when a driver exceeds the pit lane speed limit, enters or exits the pit lane unsafely, enters a closed track, or violates the pit lane blend line.
Track Cutting – assessed when a driver puts more than 2 wheels off the track other than when involved in an accident, significant mistake or accident avoidance, or otherwise benefits either by time or by position.
Unsafe Rejoin – assessed when a driver fails to resume the race in a safe manner.
Unpredictable – assessed when a driver has demonstrated unpredictable behaviour.
Unsportsmanlike – assessed when a driver behaves in a manner which is deemed unsportsmanlike by Administration.

3.7. Spectator

In case of a Livestream the casters and administration will join the Lobby to commentate and watch the race. All other drivers/coaches/etc. are not allowed to directly spectate trough the match lobby.

3.8. Starting Time

Administration will determine the race starting time. Drivers have to make sure, they join the server on time. Please Note: The Showdown starting time may differ from the actual race starting time. Administration will start the race.

3.8. Preparation time

During offline events, the first 10 minutes are used for drivers to setup their racing rigs. While online races all drivers have to do their setup before the starting time. Drivers have to make sure to check following settings:

  • Login with the correct account
  • Check and configure the equipment
  • Join the Lobby server
  • Tell Administration that you are ready to go

3.9. Technisches Versagen der Ausrüstung

Online: Jeder Spieler ist selbst für die einwandfreie Funktion seiner Ausrüstung (z.B. Computer, Lenkrad, Software, Internet, …) verantwortlich. Bei einem technischen Versagen wird eine gesamte Nachfrist von max. 5 Minuten vom Schiedsrichter gesetzt. Ist diese Nachfrist aufgebraucht, wird der Spieler als nicht-spielfähig erklärt und fällt im laufenden Spiel aus.

Offline: Stellt ein Spieler während der Vorbereitungszeit ein Problem mit der vom Turnierorganisator bereitgestellten Ausrüstung fest, muss er unverzüglich den Schiedsrichter informieren, damit der für die Ausrüstung Verantwortliche sich darum kümmern kann. Ist das Problem nach 30 Minuten noch nicht behoben, entscheidet der Turnierorganisator wie fortgeführt wird. Alle 30 Minuten muss der Turnierorganisator die betroffenen Spieler über die Situation und die ergriffenen Maßnahmen aufklären.

4. Prize pool and penalty points

4.1. Prize pool

For rFactor 2 Season 4 there will be a total of 7.000€ prize pool. The money will be split like this:

  • 1st Place: 3.200 €
  • 2nd Place: 1.600 €
  • 3rd Place: 800 €
  • 4th Place: 500 €
  • 5th-6th Place: je 300 €
  • 7th-8th Place: je 150 €

4.2. Payment

A1 eSports League Austria will pay the prize money directly to the drivers. For payment the drivers have to send an invoice. The prize money will be transferred within 60 days after receipt of invoice.

Disqualified drivers may not claim prize money.

4.3. Penalty Points

Unfair and negative behavior will lead to penalty points. Each penalty point reduces the prize money by 50€ (if the total amount of decrease is higher than the actual prize money, drivers don’t have to pay the difference). Administration decides if penalty points will be used. If a Race Steward wants assign more than 4 penalty points at once, the Project Management has to be informed. Protest must be made within 3 days via mail ( A driver may only have 6 penalty points in total, else Administration may disqualify the driver.

5. Code of Conduct

5.1. Late Arrival

If the driver is not ready at the given starting time, the driver will receive penalty points and an additional time to get ready. After this grace period the current race will be counted as loss for the driver.
Unfounded late arrival: 2 penalty points + 10 minutes additional time, after that the driver will be disqualified.
Technical problems: 5 minutes grace period, after that the race will count as lost.

5.2. Account-Sharing

Drivers must use the account, they used to register for the A1 eSports League Austria. It’s strictly forbidden to share this account or let other people play with it. Administration may check the IP of drivers to ensure the correct driver is using the correct account.
Penalty: Disqualification

5.3. Miscellaneous

Insults, unfair behavior and lack of sportsmanship will be punished with penalty points by Administration depending on the degree. All Race Stewards are instructed to give a fair warning before penalizing a driver. Depending on the case and the intensity of the violation they may skip the warning.
Cheating will be punished with disqualification.
No Show while official A1 eSports League Austria Races (online) will result in a Loss and Disqualification for this race.
No Show while official A1 eSports League Austria Races (offline) results in disqualification.
Information requirements: Drivers have to inform Administration about changes within the next 24 hours (f.e. Player Alias change, change of organization) via mail at The penalty for violation of this rule are at least 2 penalty points.

6. Contact

Players who registered for the A1 eSports League Austria agree that administration may use their data to contact the players regarding topics relevant within the league activities. These include messages via mails, SMS, Discord, Ingame-Client or in urgent cases via telephone call. Players also agree that their data may be used by A1 Telekom Austria AG and the partners of A1 eSports League Austria to communicate eSport related topics. This approval may be revoked at any time. All player data is saved wihin Europe on the A1 eSports League Austria – Management Servers.
Further all players agree that video- and photo-content of them may be produced during the A1 eSports League Austria. These pictures and videos may be used by the A1 eSports League Austria and may be also published trough public media. All content also may be used by A1 eSports League Austria’s partners and external media if they use the correct source.