The 21-year-old Finn Topa is on his way to Vienna to win the Project Cars 2 title at the 4GameChangers Festival! He spoke with us in an interview about the final:

You could claim the first place after the 8 qualifications in the PC table with 675 points. What were your expectations before the competition?

Before the competition started, I had only played the game 2 times so I was expecting it to be really hard to make this far. But it has been a lot of fun!

In 5 qualifications out of 8 you could claim a top 2 place. That is a very good performance. How did you basically prepare for the races?

The key for those top 2 weeks has been trying to be as consistent as I can on a race run, not just a single hotlap. I could have finished every week on top 2 though, but i had my fair share of bad luck at certain points 🙂

After riding so well everywhere, it’s hard to say which route suited you best. At which track do you think you drove the best race and why?

I think Loheac was and still is my strongest track. I really like the flowing nature it has and due to the tricky track surface it’s even a greater challenge!

After your performance in the qualifiers you will be among the top favorites in the final at the 4GameChangers Festival. Which of the other top 6 drivers would you rate as the toughest competitor?

Talking about the other 5 who made it, I dont think theres a clear favourite to be honest. They are all very quick and can all win on their good day, so its impossible to say 😀

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