Over 6 weeks drivers from all over Europe gathered to compete for 8 spots at the offline final in Vienna! 3 final races will decide who will be the new European rFactor 2 Champion live at Custom Wheels Vienna 2019!

The finalists

Our drivers fought their way trough 6 Showdowns and 1 Shootout to be able to come to Vienna! At Custom Wheeels Vienna 2019 an exhibition for customizing, motorsport and performance #A1eSports set the perfect stage for the grand final. 8 drivers from all around Europe will compete for a total of 7.000 € prize money. Here are your 8 drivers for the Season 4 A1 eSports Leauge Austria rFactor 2 Final:

  • Jakub Brzezinski
  • Jernej Simoncic
  • Petar Brljak
  • Hany Alsabti
  • Kevin Ryan
  • Goran Djordjevic
  • Lukas Habersam
  • Kevin Siggy Rebernak

3 races – 3 tracks

Last season 1 second decided who will take home the trophy and 3.200€ prize money. This time the finals will be even more exciting. With 3 races the finals will be longer and more challenging for our finalists. #A1eSports provides eight state of the art “Actoracers” for a realistic racing experience. Between the races there will be enough time for all driver to get ready for the next track. Following tracks will be used in the finals:

  • Zandvoort
  • Mills Outer Loop A
  • Sebring

Your Storytellers

Manuel Wendel and Marc Keil are prodigies in the german SIM-Racing Scene. With outstanding commentary they are equal to famous F1 casters. For the racing final they come all the way from Germany to bring you the best racing experience directly into your living room!


Main Stage
Time Slot
09:00 CEST Doors Open
10:00 CEST Open Training
12:30 CEST Open Training 2
14:00 CEST Race 1
15:00 CEST Strategy Break
15:15 CEST Race 2
16:15 CEST Strategy Break
16:30 CEST Race 3
17:30 CEST Award Ceremony
17:45 CEST End

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